New! You can now get notifications via your favorite RSS reader when new versions are released. This is great for environments that are airgapped and unable to check automatically for updates on product startup. To subscribe, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose an RSS Reader
Believe it or not this is the hardest part. Or, it could be the easiest part. In many commercial, government and enterprise environments, you already have one, you just don’t know it! Microsoft Outlook supports RSS. Alternatively, any RSS 2.0 supported reader or app will work on desktop or mobile.

Step 2: Select Your Sources
Below is a list of all of the current product feeds available. Simply copy the link and paste it into your RSS reader’s “Add New Feed” function. When new versions release, your RSS reader will download the notification along with the changelog for that version.

RSS Feeds Available:

Step 3: Update!
If you receive a new release notification, you’re encouraged to visit your account to download the latest version. If the latest version does not appear in your account, double-check to make sure your maintenance is current.

Microsoft Outlook Users
As mentioned above, even Microsoft Outlook supports RSS feeds. Below is a short 30-second video walking through the steps to add RSS feeds in Outlook.