PKI Solutions

ISC offers PKI-based cybersecurity solutions for organizations of any size. From ‘PKI-in-a-box’ to enterprise credential management, ISC has you covered.

Brief Description and Use Cases
Acala A software HSM emulator that acts as a universal key store and cryptographic service provider; secures server credentials and keying material; provides a secure FIPS 140-2 validated environment for all cryptographic operations
Bagala A plug-in editor that allows an administrator to centrally manage security policy settings for a wide variety of relying applications within an enterprise; automates credential provisioning and the management of configuration settings
CKG A linkable custom X.509 enrollment library; supports the creation of custom registration authorities supporting automated PKI enrollment and optional key escrow
CCMS A web application for enrollment and centralized management of the entire life-cycle of end-user and NPE certificates; highly customizable
CertAgent An X.509 certificate authority; Issues RSA/ECC certificates and CRLs; NIAP validated and CSfC approved
CMU A scriptable Windows executable with optional GUI front-end; automates end-user enrollment, provisions relying applications with a user’s freshest PKI credentials or publishes them to GAL, automates the secure backup of user certificates and private keys; installs trust anchors, etc.
CSPid A virtual smartcard (with GUI and command line APIs) for Windows and Linux; provides an OS-independent, application-agnostic secure key store; exposes an complete FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic service provider via standard APIs; can utilize a local or network-attached HSM via its integrated PKCS#11 interface; secures user credentials and keying material; optionally DAS-enables relying PKI applications
DAS A web service providing fully audited private key operations to authorized, authenticated clients; decrypts for communities of interest; digitally signs for shared roles; etc.
Dhuma An RFC 6960-compliant OCSP server
Tara A utility that automates the provisioning of network- or cloud-based TLS servers with X.509 credentials, CRLs, and trust anchors; interfaces with Bagala and CCMS to facilitate enrollment and key rollover
TSAmpa A web application that provides an RFC 3161/Microsoft Authenticode compliant time stamping service