SecretAgent/TE Enterprise Edition

SecretAgent/TE protects sensitive files transparently using preconfigured rules. With SA/TE, encryption just happens, without relying on user interaction.


SecretAgent/TE Information Sheet

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SA/TE is a plug-in extension that adds transparent encryption capabilities to the SecretAgent 7.x security console. In the context of SecretAgent, transparent encryption means the automatic, on-the-fly, encryption of files according to specified rules and without direct user intervention. SA/TE supports rules that trigger encryption based on:

  • a file’s type (i.e., its file extension)
  • a file’s location
  • the application creating or accessing the file
  • keywords or phrases appearing in the file


SA/TE file encryption rules:

  • specify an access control list (ACL), a list of X.509 “recipient” certificates under which matching files are encrypted
  • are defined by an administrator and, if permitted, by individual users

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