In OMB Memorandum M-06-16, the Deputy Director for Management Clay Johnson III directed all Federal Agencies and departments to “encrypt all sensitive data on their mobile computers/devices.” The deadline set for compliance with this Memorandum was Aug. 7, 2006.

Two ISC software products that can help satisfy this new security requirement are SpyProof! and SecretAgent.

SpyProof!, a Windows device driver, automatically encrypts all files stored on one or more specially designated disk partitions ensuring that your data is protected at all times. Only while an authorized user is logged in is that data made available to any Windows application. A user’s entire “My Documents” folder, e-mail system, and temporary/off-line files can be located on a SpyProof! drive so that the secure management of sensitive data is completely transparent to the user. SpyProof! drives can also be created on removable media (CD, DVD, or memory stick) to facilitate the sharing of large amounts of sensitive data among a group of authorized individuals.

SecretAgent, the leading file encryption utility for Windows, Windows Mobile, and UNIX-based systems, allows you to encrypt specific files and folders for your own use or for secure exchange with other users.

ISC’s products have been widely deployed by the most security-conscious Federal agencies. While easy to use, their reliance on the NIST AES, public key cryptography, and optional two-factor authentication complies with all Federally-mandated standards for information assurance products. Both SecretAgent and SpyProof! are based on ISC’s FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated cryptographic module (Certificate #3105) and fully satisfy the latest NIST FIPS 140-2 acquisition requirements. In particular, they satisfy the requirement for the “use of validated cryptography” in the OMB Memorandum.