ISC is excited to unveil a new account management feature called Multi-User Account Management!

A Brief Background

In the past, purchases were tied to a single user login without the ability to share access (unless the software had been downloaded and shared internally by an organization). We understand that in the age of decentralized work this may be challenging to deploy and manage for some teams or organizations, and have now made it possible for license-holding accounts to add teammates to their purchases! To take advantage of this feature, take a look at the steps below to get your team setup.

The Basics

Setting up teammates is as easy as filling out the form and clicking “Create Multiaccount” when finished! To get started, click the blue button that says “New Multiaccount”.

Next, fill out the username, email address, and password for the user. Please note: this will create a NEW account for the user- this is important to highlight as the team member may already have an ISC account used to access documentation, or even their own purchases. If this is the case, it may make more sense to consolidate purchases to avoid any access issues or duplications, and you should reach out to techsupport(@) (or click “Get Assistance” at the top of the My Account page and submit a ticket). As a special note: for security reasons, these usernames and passwords are sandboxed from the normal registration process. It is imperative that you note them separately and arrange delivering them to your user(s). Otherwise, they will need to submit a password reset request in order to access their account.

Once you’ve filled in the personal information associated with the user (name, job title if desired, and contact number), check the box labeled “View account orders” and click the “Create Multiaccount” box to complete the user registration process and create the user.

Congrats! You’ve just shared your licenses purchases and serial numbers with another teammate! Once you’ve clicked “Create Multiaccount” you should see them listed on the Multi-Account management page. Should a teammate depart your organization, team, or responsibilities change, you have the ability to remove their account by clicking “Edit Account”, and then scrolling down and using the delete account option.

In the event you encounter any issues, questions, or concerns surrounding the use of the Multi-Account option, please don’t hesitate to email support or use the “Get Assistance” option to visit our support portal and submit a ticket. We hope this feature makes your life a little easier!

Multi-Account Users: “Where’s My Stuff?”

Accessing your downloads and serials numbers is easy from the sub-account your primary created by simply clicking “My Licenses” in the My Account page. From there, you’ll find a breakdown by order of ISC downloads and serial numbers.