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Data Protection Solutions: Coverage From Servers to Endpoints

Data Protection Software Solutions

Something about ISC’s offerings to protect everything from servers, to workstations on your network or in the cloud, in the office or work from home… etc.

Endpoint Security Solutions


SecretAgent is the world’s leading file encryption and digital signature utility. Interoperable across a wide range of platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X, and most other UNIX-like systems) and with a variety of interfaces (app, command line, and API), it’s the perfect solution for your data at rest or data in transit security requirements, regardless of the size of your organization. Administrators find SecretAgent easy to pre-configure, deploy, and
support. In most cases users have zero configuration tasks.


Concerned about the security of your sensitive data but find file encryption too time consuming? Imagine a virtual disk drive (implemented as a Windows device driver) that automatically encrypts all data written to it and transparently decrypts that data for any application as long as the disk is mounted. Once unmounted, the encrypted disk is completely unreadable by unauthorized users… and thieves. That’s SpyProof!


File encryption applications often require the user to manually select sensitive files, click encrypt, select or enter a list of recipients (an ACL), and then click save. This process, requiring the user to be conscious of the encryption process, is error prone and can disrupt the user’s normal workflow. SecretAgent/TE protects sensitive files transparently using preconfigured rules. With SA/TE, encryption just happens, without relying on user interaction.

Server/Headless Solutions

SecretAgent/TE Server Edition

Encrypt server data at rest without impacting critical operations. SecretAgent Server Edition is available both with user-managed encryption options and Transparent Encryption (TE) options as well.


A robust command-line only version for situations like headless servers, endpoints, and other devices without a GUI environment.