1.1 Changes
1.1.1 Updated Apache Tomcat to 8.5.91.
1.1.2 Reverted all changes in
1.2 Known Bugs, Limitations, and Workarounds
1.2.1 HSM firmware update.
1.2.2 Custom Extensions.

WARNING: Major firmware upgrades will sometimes remove support for algorithms
CertAgent is using and break functionality. Newer firmware from nCipher/Entrust nShield
removes support for RSA PKCS#1v1.5 encryption/decryption which CertAgent uses to
protect sensitive data. ISC recommends using the ISC Update Algorithm Tool before
upgrading the firmware.
WARNING: No validation checks are performed on custom extensions; whatever values
are supplied are treated as opaque blobs and simply inserted into the issued certificates.

All users on an active maintenance plan are eligible for this update. Please visit https://infoseccorp.com/my-account to login and download the latest update.