7/31/20: CSPid 5.1.12 Released

LS3029 Supports RSA PSS as required for client authentication in TLS 1.3.

LS2897 Updates the Firefox pkcs11.txt file correctly.

LS3032 Includes an updated CSPid.java sample program. LS3033 Rejects invalid CKA_EC_PARAMS.

LS3036 Uses a modified method to determine if the system tray application is running so that multiple system tray instances don't occur when a user establishes a VPN connection.

LS2072 Fixes a potential infinite loop due to a race condition if two applications attempt to open the KSP Provider at the exact same time (fixed in 5.1.10, but not noted).

LS2007 Fixes an issue where canceling the password entry dialog would strand CSPid_ui.exe instances (fixed in 5.1.11, but not noted).

LS1921 Fixes the cspid_cli –post command so that client authentication works properly even when the server provides an empty trust anchor list (fixed in 5.1.10, but not noted).

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