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Concerned about the security of your sensitive data but find file encryption too time consuming? Imagine a virtual disk drive (implemented as a Windows device driver) that automatically encrypts all data written to it and transparently decrypts that data for any application as long as it's mounted. Once unmounted, the encrypted disk is completely unreadable by unauthorized users... and thieves. That’s SpyProof!

Distribute sensitive company documents, movies, or music by burning an encrypted partition containing them onto a CD/DVD that only a limited number of employees or authorized customers can view. SpyProof! provides the answer!

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ISC products can help satisfy
OMB Memorandum M-06-16
security requirements!
SC Magazine logo In their review of the product, SC Magazine arrived at this verdict: "A competent product that includes key recovery, SpyProof! meets the demands of enterprise customers." It was awarded 5 out of 5 stars for performance and ease of use.

SpyProof! makes protecting your data a snap even if you are only a casual computer user. Whenever you log in to your Windows account and enter your passord, your SpyProof! disks will behave like normal drives. You can even place your 'My Documents' and 'Temp' folders in a virtual SpyProof! disk for maximum security under Windows.

The latest version of SpyProof! is implemented as a (Windows-only) module within ISC's integrated platform-independent Security Console Application. This makes management of your encrypted virtual partitions (creation, mounting, unmounting, and control over various properties settings) as simple as possible:

The SpyProof! Security Console Module

The Disk Properites dialog (also used for disk creation) provides control over the size of your encrypted virtual partition, its mounting type and assigned Windows drive letter, and allows you to edit its access control list. (User and group certificates for the ACL can be drawn from the Certificate Explorer module's local keystore, from CAPI/CNG, from Active Directory or from another remote LDAP repository; directory queries, either created by the user or provided by a system administrator, are managed using the Directory Queries module.)

SpyProof! Properties Dialog

Technical Specifications


Cryptographic module

NIST FIPS 140-2 validated
(Certificate #3105)
FIPS 140-2 logo
Symmetric cipher
AES-CBC (FIPS 197 Certificate #9)
Key sizes
128-, 192-, and 256-bits
key generator
FIPS 186-compliant
Access control/
X.509 RSA, DSA or ECC certificates
Private key
storage options

Windows CAPI store

PKCS#8 file (TDES PBE-encrypted; requires SA5)

PKCS#11 hardware token

Compliance with
additional standards
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (VPAT)

Platform availability
Windows 7/8.x/10.x (32- and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008-19

Standards Compliance

SpyProof! fully satisfies NIST FIPS 140-2 acquisition requirements for COTS security and information assurance products. More detailed information about SpyProof!'s compliance with relevant federal and industry cryptographic standards is available on the previous tab. Some information on the use of SpyProof! to achieve HIPAA compliance is here.

Section 508 VPAT for SpyProof! 1.4 (PDF; updated 4/18/2007)

IPv6 Support in SpyProof!

SpyProof! running on Windows fully supports IPv6 in both pure and mixed environments.

In general, SpyProof! supports IPv6 addressing wherever IPv4 addressing is supported. If IPv6 support is not provided by the underlying Windows system (possibly because the network adapter has not been properly configured), SpyProof! will recognize IPv6 addresses, but not use IPv6 transport mechanisms.

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