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Acala Admin Guide Acala Admin Guide
Admin Guide version 1.0

Acala Revision History

Release 1.0.6 to Release 1.1.0
  • #6654 'acala_cli --list' now lists issuers and trust anchors with associated private keys
  • #6797 Documented how the key store is secured when PWCACHE=3 (only for Tara builds)
  • #6822 acala_ui now displays a message if the user enters the wrong PIN
  • #6823 'acala_cli --check-pin' now errors if the user enters the wrong PIN
  • #6830 acala_ui's refresh command now forces a re-read of the key store file and updates the display
  • #6864 user guide: updated screen shots
  • #6866 user guide: removed incorrect key types
  • #6880 user guide: removed dead links
  • #6881 java_pkcs11.cfg no longer references Tara or CSPid
  • #6822 acala_ui now opens successfully after being minimized or closed
  • #6883 acala_ui has been optimized so that switching between certificates in the view is less CPU intensive
  • #6885 acala_ui on Linux now exits cleanly if the user enters the wrong PIN too many times
  • #6886 readme file: added note that unsetting the SESSION_MANAGER environment variable will suppress Qt: Session management error messages
  • #6894 tarap11_x64/ now allows private keys to be exported if ACALA_PRIVATE_ATTRIB_EXP_OK is set to 1 in tarap11.xml
  • #6896 when the Acala Manager window is minimized, double-clicking the system tray icon or selecting Manage Acala from the system tray icon's menu will now restore the window
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